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Signs Your Boiler is Due a Repair

Let’s start with a basic assertion; nobody wants to have to spend their hard-earned cash either repairing or replacing their boiler. 

Boiler repairs can be particularly problematic, as whilst they can cost significant sums of money and don’t ways enhance the longevity of the unit in question. In this instance, you may feel as though you’re throwing good money after bad when repairing your boiler, and this is unlikely to make anyone feel good. 

Still, boiler repairs are crucial if you’re to maintain a safe living environment and uphold the terms of your warranty. With this in mind, here are three signs that your boiler’s due a repair: 

1. The Lack of Hot (or even Warm) Water 

If you’ve been forced to take some cold showers of late, it could be that your boiler is broken or on the brink of breaking down. 

It may also be a minor fault, of course, so let the tank refill after turning the warm water before letting it run and testing it again. 

If it continues to produce cold water, you could well have a faulty airlock on your boiler or a failure in the motorised valve. Regardless, in these instances you’ll need to call on a Gas Safe registered engineer to assess the issue in detail. 

2. Your Radiators are Cold (Despite Bleeding Them) 

On a similar note, you may have also noticed that your radiators have cold patches and are not providing the requisite heat in your home. 

Once again, this may not be a major issue, as simply bleeding your radiators and releasing trapped air from the system can provide a quick and painless repair. 

However, if the cold patches remain after you’ve bled the radiators in your home, there may be a larger fault at play that requires expert attention. This may exist within the boiler unit and heating system, and this cannot be explored without the help of a certified engineer. 

3. The Boiler Keeps Turning off on its Own 

Clearly, if your boiler continually and intermittently switches off without your intervention, you have a problem that needs urgent attention. 

This is particularly true if the boiler turns off automatically without heating your home or water, but even if it switches off after a longer period of time it could be that the system has overheated. 

In the case of an older boiler, this may even suggest that it’s time to replace your boiler and install a brand-new heating system. 

Why Choose Boiler One to Repair your Unit? 

As our name suggests, we’re fully-equipped to repair your failing boiler, whether you have a conventional heating system or an A-rated combi unit that was recently installed. At Boiler One, we’ve worked for years in Leigh-on-sea and the surrounding areas, providing boiler installations and repairs to thousands of customers. We’re Gas Safe registered and fully insured too, so you can rest assured that we’re a boiler repair firm you can trust. OK, we hear you ask, but how can I get in touch? Well, you can give our team a call on 07522 617047, or email us in writing at info@boilerone.co.uk. Either way, we’ll respond to you as quickly as we possibly can! You can also use our contact form to send us a message.