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Tips for Purchasing a New Boiler

If you’re buying a new boiler, you could end up spending around £3,000 on securing the unit and having it installed. This is no small investment, so it’s one that requires a significant level of consideration.

Not only this, but the boiler market is also awash with different brands and units, whilst you can choose between gas, electric and oil-fired boilers to heat your home!

So, we’ve prepared three tips to help you make an informed selection that really benefits your home! These include:

Don’t Hide from Big Brands

There are several leading brands in the boiler space, including household names such as Baxi, Worcester and Vaillant. The units sold by these brands often come at a premium, and this can be off-putting to customers who want to save their hard-earned cash. 

However, big brand boilers tend to be amongst the best and most efficient on the market, whilst they’re often sold with extended warranties that can last for up to 12 years and beyond in some instances.

These factors can equate to considerable long-term savings, which more than offset the initial cost of the boiler over time.

Do your Research

At this stage, you’ll have an open mind as you begin to consider every available brand when shopping for your boiler.

The next step is to research the market in detail, so that you can narrow down your choices in a more selective and informed manner.

This not only requires to compare pricing and unit specifications, but it also provides an opportunity to check-out independent customer reviews through platforms like Google.

Look for Approved Installers

Once you’ve settled on a particular brand or boiler unit, you should keep your eyes peeled for approved installers that have partnered with your chosen manufacturer.

At Boiler One, for example, we’re proud to be known as Baxi-approved installers, which means that we’re qualified to install selected units from this well-known brand and provide extended warranties in excess of 10 years.

This can provide genuine peace of mind, which is crucial when investing in such and expensive and important appliance.

Why Choose Boiler One?

Regardless of which boiler you choose to have installed, the team at Boiler One is fully trained and qualified to manage the project on your behalf.

We’re also a Gas Safe-registered brand, which means that our engineers are accredited and insured to work to a high standard in your home. So, if you live in Southend-On-Sea or the surrounding areas, get in touch today and give us a call on 07522 617047!

Or, you can shoot us an email to info@boilerone.co.uk and we’ll endeavour to reply as quickly as we can.